Lisa Craven is a speaker and business coach who specialises in helping organisations attract and retain the best talent.

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Is your business at a crossroads? Although you know that people are your biggest business asset, do you suspect you could do more to encourage their best? Are you ready to make the necessary changes to attract the right people, and keep them?

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Motivated and engaged employees are the foundation of your organisation’s success. If you’re ready to future-proof your organisation, you need to focus on culture.

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What does culture look like in your business? Are you nurturing a culture that aligns with your vision and are you personally modelling and supporting this?

As a business owner you can’t force your culture, but you can model the values and behaviours you want to see in your people. 

Did you know you are likely to have 40% higher employee retention rates if your vision is clear. It needs to be in place so it becomes part of your business culture and personality. 

In this 2 hour workshop we will take a look at your vision and values and build a roadmap to ensure you are creating the right culture for success. 

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Managing People

People are your greatest business asset. When they are motivated, engaged and performing, your business thrives! 

In this 3 hour workshop Lisa will unleash the power of creating meaningful relationships to inspire your employees.

Together we will look at how the best leaders develop their people. We will work on strategies to engage your staff, motivate individuals, create a positive open culture, raise performance standards and retain high achievers.

You will learn the 4 core coaching skills that underpin performance management and develop a
coaching session outline that you can use with every single employee.

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