If you’re at a pivotal point in your career, or ready for accelerated results, then one-to-one coaching is the best option.

One-to-One Coaching 

Coaching is invaluable for insights into your blind spots, opportunities, strengths, challenges and leadership style. It supports the whole person, building self-awareness from the inside out, so that the person becomes a far more effective business leader, with a stronger foundation to work from. 

Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your professional life. 

Where are you at with your career or business? Our work together starts by meeting you where YOU are. 

Coaching Sessions will: 

  • Improve communication 
  • Develop a shared understanding of talent development
  • Understand the meaning of mentoring and providing ongoing feedback
  • Build a shared understanding of how developing staff will have a positive impact on your business

Each coaching relationship focuses on:

  • Building self awareness
  • Setting goals 
    • Creating and implementing an action plan
    • Holding accountability
    • Evaluating progress

    If you want to develop your team, while revitalising your culture, group coaching is what you need.

    Group Coaching

    Group coaching builds engagement, cohesion and morale, focusing on awareness, goal setting, identifying key issues and problem solving. Group coaching can also be invaluable for helping to identify potential leaders. 

    Group coaching clients benefit from peer learning. The peer relationship is often as important as the relationship with me. This set-up allows us to achieve more than one person can accomplish on their own. This program can also be used as a follow-up to training, to help to open up communication silos, or to create a valuable network. 

    Examples of what group coaching looks like:

    • Female leaders and executives exploring work-life balance issues. 
    • New managers following up after a training focused on managing people. 
      • New or small business owners coming together to tackle similar issues. 
      • Executives and leaders bringing business issues to the table, such as how to connect with their ideal customer, attract top talent, retain staff or align their business vision.