Like most, we often think we are the best at what we do and outside influence will often be time consuming and hinder or cloud the judgement rather than be a beneficial. I have been working with Lisa for well over a year now and i can honestly say i couldn’t have been more incorrect. In that time we have not only reorganised and retained my team by putting the ‘people’ first... but we have unclouded and reorganised my own state of mind both in an outside the business. Through this the team and I have became a stronger unit able to deliver in a more productive and efficient manner through her guidance. Thank you Lisa.
— Aaron Jackson, Managing Director

Working with Lisa is truly a joy. Her vast knowledge and experience across human resources, talent acquisition and retention, team building and management, together with her high level of empathy, adaptability and professionalism makes her an indispensable asset for any sized company. Lisa has been an invaluable part, not only in helping us grow the organization through different stages, but also on a personal level as a coach and mentor.
I can’t recommender her more highly. She is the definition of a “people person”.
— Christofer Sandberg, Chief Technology Officer

Lisa inspires confidence and trust. She is exemplary in her preparation and delivery of content for training sessions and conferences and she consistently demonstrates her depth of knowledge and expertise across human resources, recruitment, management, organisational structure, training, coaching and more. 
Insightful and considered, Lisa has made a significant impact on our business, our people and the way we run things. 
I could not recommend Lisa more highly, and hope to continue working with her ongoing.
— Trent Lloyd, Co-Founder & Managing Director

I have worked with Lisa now at three companies. She is an incredibly astute and passionate professional. She has the right mix of business savvy and personal touch, which is critical to the HR role she can play and coaching business she has built. She was able to foster a hard working, fun loving culture at Xaxis that endured. She also has an astute ability to read talent and was amazing at helping us discover the right talent for the right roles and transition talent when the need arose. I also have the fortunate experience of having been professionally coached by her. Her guidance really allowed me to take my self to the next level and ensure my career and life goals are ambitious and on track. Additionally I have seen her in action as an advisor to a group and a moderator of tough business discussions, both of which she was trusted and impactful in. Lisa is incredible - she is trustworthy, professional and a dedicated friend, mentor and colleague.
— Elizabeth Christensen, Managing Director

We have been working with Lisa for a while now and she has been a fantastic coach for myself and the other directors, helping navigate goals and challenges on both a business and personal level - there is no doubt the two are intertwined and Lisa can ensure with a holistic view that we are performing at our best. She has also been a great support for the wider team in providing training on communication styles and management. Lisa is one of those rare gems - beyond lovely, and incredible insight and experience to boot.
— Jodie de Vries, Managing Director

Lisa quickly assimilated to our team and culture and within no time was able to give insightful, practical advice about how we could work on our internal culture and ensure the team was performing to their very best.

We continue to work with Lisa to ensure we are always looking at ways to nurture and develop the team as a whole and as individuals.

We would have her join our team full time if we could.
— Jo Gossage, Brand strategist

Lisa manages our Human Resource needs at Tiny Hunter. She is absolutely crucial to ensuring we hire for not only the right expertise but the right values and cultural fit. She is incredibly smart, intuitive, analytical and has an incredible ability to get to the core of a problem and resolve it with simplicity and grace. I couldn’t recommend Lisa more highly.
— Emma Scott, Creative Director

I have worked with Lisa for over a year now.  She is an amazing coach that consistently gives me the advice I need.  Since working with Lisa I have seen my business grow.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any small business owner.
— Adele Smyth, Owner & Director